Nom du produit
Romani e Saccani Architetti Associati
Éclairage intérieur
Type d'éclairage
Verre, Crystal, Murano
Gamme de gris
La gamme Or
Gamme rose

Collection of "classic" inspiration made up of single pendants grouped in ever-changing scenographic settings. Drawing from the sumptuous and varied decorative sample of the classic chandelier of traditional Muranese arms, the arm of floral inspiration was chosen and identified as a representative element, blown and hand-washed by the skilled Venetian craftsmen.

We have taken from a historic chandelier the single bend arm with apical cup to highlight it by suspending it vertically and thus elevating it to an emblem of the expressive virtuosity of the master glassmakers.

Seen from this new point of view, the rotated arm is transformed into a fascinating flower that has just blossomed and the thread-like curvature of the arm, in its slender stem that, as it becomes thinner, extends to the ceiling through the same power cable.

The corolla effect of each flower is given by the deep cup with the scalloped edge with petals that houses the light point facing the ground and is replicated by the counter cup with a bell attached to the bottom. Even the choice of smooth crystal ranges in a range of light shades and soft colors that make the composition a vibrant bouquet of transparencies spread out in watercolor. (pure crystal, straw yellow, soft pink, silk white and bronzed smoky).

Their combination in scenographic descents on multiple rose windows and the possibility of adjusting the various pendants in height generates the overall effect of a luxuriant floral composition and an infinite possibility of interpretations, both domestic and customizable.

It follows the association to the art of Japanese origin of the Ikebana or to the ability to create surprising compositions of cut flowers later chosen as the name of the entire collection. The few components of the frames are made in the brass, copper and brushed nickel finishes and are coordinated with the color of the metal cable sheathed power supply cables.

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