The mastery of the craft and attention to detail which have accompanied pomd’or throughout its history, make it a firm which is legendary for the creation of bathroom accessories. In its quest to preserve tradition, pomd’or wanted to return to its essence and rediscover its inception, recovering its mastery and craftsmanship in glass work. Thus arises Heritage, luxurious and elegant pieces which achieve the highest excellence thanks to the perfect combination of artisan elaboration with the latest technology. As the hand-made dresses are made by the best tailors and as the hand-made furniture are made by woodworkers, Heritage is inspired in the fashion and in the luxury interior. Its main protagonist, the glass is in its purest form. It dresses with transparent, black and seductive decorated, and it is finally secured using elaborate clasps in a chrome, nickel or sophisticated gold. Countless exclusive combinations that make this collection a leader in haute couture for the bathroom. Synonymous with refinement and luxury, each of the accessories is handcrafted, using materials of the highest quality. During their painstaking manufacturing process, the pieces undergo exhaustive tests and are checked one by one, with meticulous attention to detail, thus bestowing upon them the value of real gems.

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