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Gridd is an Adaptive Cabling Distribution™ System that delivers the Power to Change™ in your hands. Unlike traditional raised floors, Gridd’s simple and revolutionary design easily adapts to the changing growth of any business.

Our award-winning, whole building Adaptive Cabling Distribution™ system ‘future-proofs’ your building. Gridd’s innovative system distributes cabling neatly and efficiently. It goes down quickly—up to 1,000 square feet per installer, per day. Cabling modifications are quick and efficient with modular channels and plates that lift easily for minimum disruption. No noise, no dust, no mess.

Gridd delivers flexibility across the lifecycle of the project from design and installation to occupancy. If a major re-design or move is necessary, Gridd’s portable and lightweight components can go with you. It’s the perfect adaptive cabling distribution system and cable management solution for integrating evolving technologies into today’s open workplace environments.

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