The “Golden Moon”Lantern is the Gold Award winningdesign entry for the Lantern Wonderland 2012 Competition and was designed by KristofCrolla of the Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design Ltd.(LEAD)and Adam Fingrut. LEAD was appointed as the Project Manager and developed the competition design until project completion.

CREDITS GOLDEN MOON (2012, Hong Kong) by KristofCrolla of LEAD& Adam Fingrut

OPENING DATES 27 September 2012 to 2 October 2012

LOCATION Victoria Park, Football Pitch 1, Hong Kong S.A.R.

COMPETITION DESIGN KristofCrolla of LEAD& Adam Fingrut

PROJECT MANAGEMENT Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design Ltd. G/F 1 Tai On Terrace,Sheung Wan,Hong Kong S.A.R.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEAM KristofCrolla, Sebastien Delagrange, DannesKok, Kenneth Cheung and Yi Sa Chan of LEAD, and Nicholas Benner, Chris Lee (Anthropods Associates Ltd.), Paulina Lau (APT Engineering Consultant Ltd.)

CONSTRUCTION Free Form Construction Co. Ltd. (Main Contractor), Fonkwang Development Ltd. & Guangzhou Shipyard Company Ltd. (Steel), Wing YickScaffolders (Bamboo), Wings Design Production Ltd. (Fabric), LED Artist (LED)


Photography: Kevin Ng, GrandyLui and PanoKalogeropoulos

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