Nom du produit
Glass Tube Bridge
Birk Heilmeyer und Frenzel Architekten
Passerelles suspendues
Métal, Steel
Caractéristiques techniques

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, glass tubes feature a high load bearing capacity under the condition of compression forces. To demonstrate this phenomenon the glass tubes sections were applied exemplary as compression members in the suspension of a footbridge. In the past, bridges were frequently used as test ground for new materials and construction techniques.

The characteristic feature of the glass tube bridge is the use of steel tension elements to pre-tension the entire structure. These keep the glass tubes under compressive stress, even in the case of load alternation. Every material is applied according to its specific performance characteristics. The completed bridge has a span width of ten metres. But the design principle is also suitable for larger spans and various other applications, for instance for inner courtyard roofs.