Gira security system Alarm Connect

Gira security system Alarm Connect
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Gira security system Alarm Connect
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Security standard. Reset.

When building technology is breaking new ground, security 

has to keep pace. The consequence: the new Gira security system Alarm Connect, an alarm system for all areas. For private residences, offices and small business. Developed further. Scrutinised more thoroughly. Designed for use across systems. Because it can be seamlessly integrated into the Gira KNX installation with the Gira X1. Once again a pioneering technology, used by Gira to expand on the intelligent networking of security and building technology. The Gira security system Alarm Connect is as flexible to apply as it is straightforward to implement. 

With simple start-up via the Gira Project Assistant. And trouble-free retrofitting for renovation and modernisation, as no cabling is required. Secure? Of course.

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