Gira push button sensor 3

A wide range of connected bus functions can be controlled with the Gira push button sensor 3, such as externally saving and calling up of light scenes, switching and dimming lights and raising and lowering blinds. If requirements change, the push button assignment can be simply reprogrammed. The number of functions saved to a push button sensor depends on the number of its buttons. Each button can be inscribed to achieve clear assignment of what is controlled.

The inscription space is discreetly backlit. This enables the push button sensor to be easily located in the dark and ensures that inscriptions are easily read at all times. Each button has two LEDs for status display and can be operated on the left, right and centrally, depending on the setting/variant. This results in lower costs: independent of device variant, the Gira push button sensor 3 only needs a single bus coupler.

The Gira push button sensor 3 Basic offers basic functions and the Comfort and Plus variants offer additional functions. Gira push button sensor 3 Comfort The Gira push button sensor 3 Comfort has extensive, practical software functions. The buttons have three-colour status LED in green, red and blue. The display colour for status can be selected globally and also for each individual button. In addition it is also possible to assign higher-level, prioritised status feedback e.g. for alarm messages or for information such as wind alarms. A temperature sensor is also integrated. Gira push button sensor 3 Plus

The Gira push button sensor 3 Plus has an integrated room temperature controller, and a high-contrast, white-backlit graphic display shows temperature and status: controller status, diverse temperatures as well as texts and fault messages received via the KNX/EIB system can be displayed (configuration-dependent).

An external temperature sensor for the floor heating for example can be connected together with the bus coupler 3 with external sensor connection. Product details •Two status LEDs per operating surface •Illumination of inscription space •Installation to bus coupler 3 •Configuration and start-up from ETS3.0d, patch A •Disassembly safeguard via fastening •Neutral-colour inscription labels included •Temperature range: -5 °C to +45 °C •Protection class: III

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