Folding Glass Walls

Folding Glass Walls
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Folding Glass Walls
NanaWall Systems
Le verre architectural
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Métal, Aluminium
Bois, Oak, Pine, Spruce, Mahogany
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NanaWall Systems is the recognized industry leader trusted by architects, builders, and owners alike to provide the opening glass wall systems for large architectural openings. Based on a foundation of testing, research, and innovation, NanaWall Systems provides countless style options, unsurpassed durability, and a superior performance. Unrivalled Performance Creating large opening glass walls is the easy part—the challenge is performance when the wall is closed.

A NanaWall folding glass wall protects from water and air infiltration, provides sound attenuation, and is energy efficient when closed.

  • Benefit from a single-source product built as a complete system of unparalleled quality.
  • Independent testing confirms high performance levels of air, water, structural, forced entry and impact, and thermal efficiency. STC test results for sound attenuation are available for select systems.

Unequalled Experience

Every NanaWall folding glass wall is backed by 30+ years of experience and over a million opening glass panels installed worldwide. Each project is unique and each system is custom tailored to exacting specifications—a process the dedicated and focused team at NanaWall performs each and every day.

Design Flexibility and Aesthetics

NanaWall folding glass walls provide total design flexibility with the performance to meet any challenging environment. Beautiful aesthetics complement any design and eight different systems provide an array of choice.

  • Select from top-hung or floor mounted models and inward or outward openings.
  • Match any architectural style with choices in frame materials, finishes, glazing, and divided lites.
  • Choose solid wood, aluminum-clad frames or all-aluminum in custom sizes, single, double, or triple glazing or almost any specialty glazing upon request.

Trouble-free Operation

NanaWall folding glass wall components combine precision engineering with high-grade materials resulting in a glass wall that glides smoothly and easily with minimal effort – no matter the size or number of panels.

  • Secure multi-point locks engage with the turn of a handle.
  • Built-in adjustment points and variable interlocking edge-to-edge profiles minimize expansion issues.

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