Flow (hanging lamp)
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Flow (hanging lamp)
Cheng-Tsung Feng
Cheng Tsung FENG Design Studio
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This hanging lamp is second items of my collection “Flow”.


I always want to use bamboo – the nature material to explain, represent the forces, the aesthetics, the feeling, the atmosphere of nature, like wind blow, river flow, people dance, bird fly, cloud move, sea wave, comb hair, blood flow, waterfall…etc.


For me, “alive” is means “power moving”.


Nature material - bamboo for me is alive material, I try many possibilities, try to find a way make shape alive. I want my works is “alive”.


In this lamp you can see power moving, like things flow down from light, or another way, things be attracted and going to catch the light. If you set one Flow lamp, it’s alive item, If you set more Flow lamps, you can see relationship between each other, they have connection & communication, Just like living life.

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