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The Series JFM-P FloSen® Airflow Meassuring Probes provide accurate, repeatable measurement of air movement in HVAC ducts. Its patented elliptically-shaped sensor design with improved aerodynamic characteristics outperforms more traditional devices, and overcomes loss of accuracy caused by fluid separation at the sensor body. It is designed to maintain a constant parallel airflow pattern over the static sensing ports for more accurate, steady signals under all duct conditions. The elimination of separation results in a stabilized static pressure signal, helping to eliminate “hunting” during fan control.

FloSen® Airflow Probes utilize a unique in-line groove for total pressure sensing and dual ports for static pressure sensing which produces a higher differential pressure for very low velocity measurements. The total and static pressure measuring points are distributed for equal-area averaging of flows resulting in improved accuracy and reliability. This design permits accurate and stable measurement in highly turbulent flow locations with directional pitch and yaw varying up to 20 degrees without the need for air flow straighteners which restrict airflow and can easily become clogged. The elliptical shape of the FloSen® Airflow Probes allows air to glide unrestricted around the aerodynamically designed sensors and offers the lowest pressure drop of any airflow measuring device available minimizing HVAC operating costs.

The FloSen® Airflow Probes have been designed for easy installation and maintenance. The insertion-style probes can be completely installed from outside the duct. The quantity of FloSen® Airflow Measuring Probes selected for each duct size is based on ASHRAE and AMCA standards to produce assured airflow measuring accuracy over a flow turn-down ratio of 17:1.

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