Flexglo™ F22 Vertical Bending (Silicone)

Clear Lighting
Flexglo™ F22 Vertical Bending (Silicone)
Nom du produit
Flexglo™ F22 Vertical Bending (Silicone)
Clear Lighting
Clear Lighting
Éclairage intérieur
Éclairage linéaire
Éclairage extérieur
LED pour l'extérieur
Source de lumière
Plastique, Polyamide - Polycarbonate
Gamme blanche
Protection class

Flexglo™ F22 is well-known for its diversity. Optional horizontal and vertical bending; commonly used as façade lighting where high lumen output is required.
DTW lighting creates appropriate ambient lighting for indoor or outdoor use without flickering or color discrepancy when dimmed. At a wide visual angle, three-emit-ting light is appropriate for handrails and artwork. Aquaglo™ F22, which has the same dimensions, is designed for underwater use and is UL676 certified.

High perceived brightness and two bending versions (horizontal bending and vertical bending) with same dimension are increasingly important in architectural 
lighting. F22 RGB with Nichia SMD3030 came into being for marine projects in 2015, subsequently extended to monochrome which delivers up to 500lm/m for applications where high lumen output of direct lighting is required. By 2019, the full-function series of Silicone FlexgloF22 has been launched including monochrome, RGB, RGBW, pixel addressable and dynamic light functions.

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