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The design of the series HÜPPE Enjoy has been refine by design studio Phoenix Design. Thanks to this successful adjustments, the company has won the Plus X Award and Interior Innovation Award in 2013. Recently HÜPPE won again an Award. The iF Design Award and Reddot award 2014. Again it has been proved that market leader HÜPPE ranks high with an innovative and distinctive design, a top quality and high functionality.

What's special about the series HÜPPE Enjoy pure and HÜPPE Enjoy elegance, the glass elements, which have been carried out without mounting profiles. Also the chrome-plated hinges and handle give this series a characteristic and unique appearance. At the series pure elegance at this tight, the series what are rounder. The right connecting hinges and frameless glass segments provide a unique design experience and high transparency. The advantage is that cleaning very easy going.

The door closure is a feat of perfectionism and has a concealed Up and Down mechanisme, that causes the door 5 mm goes up during opening. As a result, these shower enclosures are very suitable for installation flush with the floor and nice to combine with the EasyStep flat shower trays. The entry level is barrier-free thanks to the optional Weir and universal drainage strip. This is more beautiful and provides more safety. The widths (up to 1500 mm) and side walls to create large and even 1.600 mm spatial showers. In addition, the standard height of 2 m ideal applications for tall people.

The designers of Phoenix Design have made this unique concept in a large variety of models. For Corner Solutions and Recess installations HÜPPE delivers multiple versions, including HÜPPE round models with 1-and 2-piece door. In addition a detached side wall and the trendy walk-in with and without movable component. All models are in real safety glass (6 or 8 mm) supplied with CE mark. In addition to the clear glass can be supplied the glass in three stylish decors. These are Privatima, Sand plus and Bubbles. All these sets and the clear glass are additionally with the self-cleaning "anti-plaque" to deliver.

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