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Lutron Electronics Co. Inc., experts in light control, is pleased to announce the launch of its new standard in digital control, EcoSystem®. Comprising of LED drivers, digital dimming ballasts, sensors, motorised blinds and controls, Lutron’s EcoSystem provides specifiers and installers with an end-to-end solution that can be scaled to suit any project.

Used in conjunction with Lutron’s existing energy saving solutions – Quantum or Energi Savr Node QS – the EcoSystem offers specifiers a layer of control which adds superior performance and that all-important guarantee of compatibility on any job, no matter the size. “Compatibility between fixtures and controls is an increasing issue on projects, especially those which include LED technologies. With the introduction of EcoSystem, it is now possible to have an end-to-end Lutron solution which guarantees compatibility between the controls and fixtures, for the ultimate in performance and reliability”, says Andrew Bechgaard, head of marketing for Europe and Africa at Lutron.

EcoSystem Ballasts and LED Drivers The new standard in digital control, EcoSystem includes the EcoSystem LED Driver and EcoSystem H-Series digitally addressable fluorescent ballasts. Providing superior performance and smooth, continuous, flicker-free dimming from 1%-100%, Lutron’s EcoSystem ballasts and LED Driver technologies continue the industry leading standards that the company has set in lighting controls.

Lutron’s EcoSystem LED Driver and EcoSystem H-Series ballasts offer the ability to: - operate each fixture individually, or as a group (up to 100 groups) - reconfigure any installation through simple programming - automatically readdress replacement ballasts – no reprogramming required - enable lamps to be turned on to any dimmed level, without flashing to full brightness

In addition, the Lutron EcoSystem LED Driver, which has been rated with a lifetime of 50,000 hours, has been designed with the fast-moving nature of LED technology in mind; one device can be configured to meet a wide range of requirements: - voltage and current levels (up to 25W) - 200mA to 2.05A (in 10mA steps) - 8V to 40V (in 0.5V steps) - Can accommodate Constant Current Reduction or Pulse Width Modulation dimming methods

Lutron EcoSystem Scalable Solution Lutron’s EcoSystem can work on multiple levels; for large scale installations where light control is required across floors, whole buildings or entire campuses the system can be combined with Lutron’s Quantum total light management solution. For smaller installations, EcoSystem can be used alongside Lutron’s Energi Savr Node QS controls, which allows for the easy integration of occupancy sensors, daylight sensors and digital controls with EcoSystem’s ballasts and LED drivers. Additional Energi Savr Node QS modules can be linked together to allow integrated control of several floors and the system is totally scalable, as it can be linked to Lutron’s Quantum® solution for whole-building light management. So, whatever the size of the installation, there is now an end-to-end Lutron solution.

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