Duplo pure

Duplo pure for hanging accessories such as a soap dish. Good news for anyone considering purchasing this modern walk-in shower enclosure: it is available for an attractive price via bathroom retailers or specialist traders.

Using a special cross-brace, the HÜPPE Duplo pure can be assembled stably and securely up to 1500 mm from the bathroom wall. The shower area can therefore be over three square metres in size - ideal for any family in which children or seniors need help. Anyone wanting something more private with such generous dimensions should order the HÜPPE Duplo pure with Sand Plus decor, either fully opaque or as combination decor. With the latter, only the lower glass panel is sand-blasted and matt. The upper panel remains clear for a transparent view. A system fitted with Karo decorative glass creates an especially stylish effect against plain tiles.

Optionally the HÜPPE Duplo pure can also be ordered with the proven HÜPPE Anti-Plaque glass finish. This ensures that the segments get dirty much more slowly than window glass, for example, and are particularly easy to clean with a soft cloth without using coarse cleaners.

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