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Dining Table
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According to the company, the table of the future will increasingly become the center of conviviality par excellence. Designed around the concept of enjoying the company of one’s dining companions, ‘cooking for and with friends’, it offers a unique shared culinary experience.

Design, technology and functionality are blended to express elegance, refinedness and modernity.

A new frontier of hospitality, a mise en place that abandons the idea of a traditional and formal welcome. The age of linen tablecloths, silverware, crystal glasses and stiff, formal service has come to an end in favor of a warm, welcoming atmosphere, at the same time modern and technology-driven.

This is the objective of The Dining Table: minimal, modern design with a technological core that incorporates specific functions according to the desires of the client, for warm & cold-holding of dishes (from -3°C to 120°C with the simple click of a button). An innovative solution that allows one to manage each dish whilst remaining comfortably seated, enjoying the conversation. No worries, no distractions. Every diner can serve themselves, at their leisure, directly from the table.

As Sergio Sambonet, the president of the company and the brains behind this project declares: ‘The Dining Table is the response to the most demanding of clients who, in the comfort of their own homes, want to offer their guests an exclusive experience. A highly professional and distinctive solution to give life to a new concept of informal and unique hospitality, where everyone becomes a protagonist at the table’.

The Dining Tables are mobile, on wheels, characterized by a stainless steel structure (matte or satin finish) and tops in HPL (High Pressure Laminate) tiles available in in various finishes that can be changed rapidly, like a tablecloth, allowing a perfect match with the surrounding environment.

Two warm-holding tiles and/or an extra-large tile for ice are positioned in the center of the table. To activate them, simply connect the table’s electric cord to a standard power outlet.

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