Accessories shelf and towel bar, designed by Emiliano Aiardi for the 2013 LAB - Lineabeta Creative Experience- edition. CURVÁ is a dust painted aluminum shelf with a double function: it can be used with the custom melamine accessories series with the dust painted aluminum cover or as a towel holder. The accessories series is composed by a tooth brush holder, a soap holder and a container. All the shelves, bars and accessories are designed with the same curves and colors of the mirror CURVÁ. The dust painted inbox curved mirror, designed by Emiliano Aiardi, is composed by 2 stripes of LED lights, placed along the upper and lower curves: thus, the light is reflected and scattered by them. The lateral structure of the mirror is painted in the various colors of LIneabeta's range. The curved parts - upper and lower - are painted white. The lower part can be used also as a shelf.

CURVÁ is one of the projects developed by "LAB - Lineabeta Creative Experience", workshop coordinated by JoeVelluto (JVLT) with the purpose of producing ideas born from the creativity of young designers, based on Lineabeta's brief.

Accessories colors: orange / white / charcoal grey / rust brow / fuchsia / red / light blue / mint green

Shelf color: white


5142 shelf L 460 x H 105 x P 140 mm 5143 shelf L 640 x H 105 x P 140 mm 5144 handle bar L 460 x H 105 x P 140 mm 5145 handle bar L 640 x H 105 x P 140 mm 5146 tooth brush holder L 85 x H 105 x P 85 mm 5147 soap holder L 130 x H 40 x P 85 mm 5148 container L 205 x H 40 x P 85 mm 5149 shelf & handle bar L 800 x H 105 x P 140 mm 5150 hanger L 130 x H 95 x P 65 mm 5151 toilet paper holder L 175 x H 105 x P 115 mm 5689 shelf mirror L 640 x H 900 x P 160 mm

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