Cellular Fission - Media Facade Prototype

Arjun Rathi
Cellular Fission - Media Facade Prototype
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Cellular Fission - Media Facade Prototype
Arjun Rathi
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OTLO, was an exhibition curated by Ashiesh Shah and Tejas Mangeshkar was a pop up project showcasing Indian design with a focus on technology and sustainability on view from 11th to 16th of March, 2013.

The exhibit titled 'Cellular Fission - Media Panel' is a prototype for a media facade; which is part of the studio's ongoing research in paper architecture systems.The proposed system can function as a external skin for a structure providing shade for the interior space and allows the external surface to be used as a media facade. For the exhibition the experiment was to program a prototype panel to be used as directional signage.

The modular nature of the panel also allows for the system to be used for interior architecture design as partition walls, false ceiling panels and lighting installations. Through variations in programming the colours, intensities and patterns on the screen panel can be controlled.

The tetrahedons are inspired from Kunihiko Kasahara's 'Bird Tetrahedron' model. They were assembled using variations of translucent gateway paper. Individual LED lights were inserted in every tetrhedron and connected to a micro-controller for programming.

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