Ceiling Systems - metal, wood & felt
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Ceiling Systems - metal, wood & felt
Éclairage intérieur
Lampes de plafond
Plafonds suspendus et Accessoires pour plafonds
Métal, Aluminium, Steel - Stainless, Galvanized et Powder coated
Tissu, Felt
Bois, Ash, Walnut, Teak, Poplar, Pine, Mahogany, White oak, Cherry wood
Produit du bois, MDF
Gamme de gris
Gamme noire
Fourchette rouge
Fourchette jaune
Gamme bleue
La gamme des violets
Gamme orange
La gamme des bruns
La gamme Or
Gamme Argent
Gamme cuivre
Gamme rose
Gamme verte
Gamme blanche
Gamme de chrome
Grand format
Avec un cadre caché
Avec climatisation intégrée
Avec chauffage intégré
Plafond en carreaux
Plafond des panneaux
Plafond flottant
Plafond à bandes
Plafond tendu
Plafond à lamelles
Caractéristiques techniques
Retardateur de feu
Système de suspension des plafonds
Profils de fixation
Panneaux acoustiques

Ceiling systems from Integra provide a modern appearance in office buildings, train stations, hotels, airports and many other public and private buildings. They absorb sound, provide light and create improved living environments based on the design and the materials used. Integra works with architects and consultants to create ceilings that are not only functional and stunningly beautiful, but also fully meet all building requirements.


With over 20 years of experience Integra provides a large range of systems, material choices, options and colours. All our systems are produced in our own factories. This means that we can quickly respond to any requirement and, where necessary, manufacture the systems to measure. 


Metal ceilings

The metal ceilings from Integra are available in different versions including Lay-in, Clip-in and Hook-on. System can be executed with bandraster, with closed or perforated panels. Integra has its own range of LED lighting fixtures and LED spots that can easily be integrated into the ceilings to provide a complete ceiling and lighting solution. Where desired, a ceiling can also be provided with additional sound-absorbing panels or even be designed as a climate ceiling.


In many versions the linear, baffle or stretch metal panels are made of galvanized and coated steel. In addition, aluminium or stainless-steel ceiling elements are also available for many systems.



Felt ceilings

With the felt ceilings from Integra, in baffle / linear versions, you can create building spaces with a luxurious and warm appearance. With the use of no less than 70% recycled materials the ceiling system is very sustainable. The natural property of the felt material also ensures that the acoustics in the underlying space are greatly improved.


The felt material is available in various shades of grey and several colour and height combinations are possible within the panels. This allows you to create a playful and modern look for any office space or public building.


Wooden ceilings

If you are looking for a natural and warm appearance for a building space, the wooden ceilings from Integra offer a solution. The systems are available in many wood species and in a grill, linear, closed panel, or grid panel versions.


Projects with 100% support

Integra works internationally with leading architects, project developers and consultants on large and small projects. We supply standardized out of the box systems, but also offer design, engineering, logistics and installation services, enabling comprehensive support for your demanding projects. You decide which support is needed.



Integra is TÜV-certified according to the latest ISO 9001 standard. We pay a lot of attention to the sustainability of our systems and materials used. For this we are in the process of obtaining C2C and ISO14001 certifications. In addition, our systems are ideal for obtaining credits within building certitification programs like BREAAM, LEED and WELL.


Empowering Spaces

Important in every Integra solution are reliable technology, user experience, optimal climate and a better environment. Through these elements we give functionality within spaces more power. This vision is embodied in our tagline “Empowering Spaces”. Would you like to know more about the possibilities with Integra? Visit our website and contact one of our advisors.

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