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The ‘C’ coffee table is a carefully crafted balance of juxtapositions: light and heavy, opaque and transparent, strong and delicate. Designed by Block722 in Athens and made locally by Maan Halaoui, a craftsperson who bridges traditional techniques and modern construction methods, this outdoors piece is a nod to Japanese furniture making. Its solid, robust legs are made using Japanese timber joints typically found in building construction. As a result, the frame is extremely durable, and no glue was required in its assembly. The extra clear glass top simply rests heavily and securely on the natural oil-treated, timber structure that combines chestnut and iroko wood. Each leg’s base is discreetly sealed using Shou Sugi Ban – an environmentally friendly, traditional Japanese charred wood technique for waterproofing and preservation. This highlights the product’s overall natural feel, which is a defining characteristic in this design. The timber frame is clearly visible through the transparent, almost ethereal, tabletop surface, putting the joinery craft on centre stage.


“C”, 2020; Outdoor Coffee Table: Chestnut and iroko wood, oil & wax, burned bottoms; extra clear glass; W180 D180 H35 cm  


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