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Bol combines a simple, elegant shape, the earthy, complex patina of Corten and a substantial central flame. A low, wide vessel spun from 5 mm (3/16″) weathering steel, Bol is available with a natural gas or propane burner, or fitted for wood-burning. Bol can also be ordered with a powder coated finish (gas burning models only). Each Bol includes a commercial-grade, all-season, canvas cover and is available with optional Powder coated, metal table top or Lava Boulders.


- 1 standard diameter: 42” (1229mm).

- Wood-burning*, natural gas or propane burner options.

- Manual or electronic ignitions with safety controls. Electronic ignitions can be controlled by wall switch, smart home system or wireless remote.

- Choice of burner topping: river rock-style fire stones, granular tempered glass, lava pebble and optional boulders

- Bol produces up to 25 kW/h providing a beautiful flame and ample warmth (gas burning models).

- All Paloform burners are tested and certified to the latest safety standards for the UK, Europe and North America. Listed by ETL, CSA +CE certified.

- Bespoke options by request.

*PLEASE NOTE: the wood-burning version of Bol cannot be placed on flammable or non-heat-stable surfaces – this includes concrete + stone. Concrete + stone may contain trapped moisture and can spall or even explode when heated.

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