Beveled Cork Bricks
Nom du produit
Beveled Cork Bricks
Sustainable Materials, LLC
Revêtement mural
Revêtement mural décoratif et Panneaux muraux et bardages
Autres, Recycled material

Envision interior walls with the appeal of traditional brick, but with a 3 dimensional design, softer texture, warmer feeling, and a more sophisticated, yet inviting, style. Achieve that vision with Cork Bricks, a decorative wall innovation that preserves and presents all the natural variation and true character of cork. Precision cut in three dimensions, Cork Bricks come in three different sizes and variations in thickness. Offering a remarkable combination of time-honored, European artisanship and high-tech, contemporary appeal, Cork Bricks complement rustic and modern décor. Pre-finished, immersed in a selection of six natural and neutral colors. Manufactured in recycled, renewable cork — a premium sustainable material for exceptional interior design and lifestyle products.

Winner, Wall Art Category, Best of the Best, NY NOW, January 2015

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