Beauflor digital vinyl with 3D-effect!

Beauflor digital vinyl with 3D-effect!
Nom du produit
Beauflor digital vinyl with 3D-effect!
Revêtement de sol
Revêtement de sol en PVC
Plastique, PVC
Effet 3D

Beauflor presents a new innovative 3D digital print technology which allows architects and interior designers to create a super-realistic flooring solutions for all kinds of purposes (hotels, restaurants, retail, housing, offices...). This new digital technology is remarkable for its robustness and resistance: the digital image is printed UNDER the wear layer for super durability! And of course all patterns are printed in super high definition.

Our stunning Moonlight range, contains creative designs for people who want that bit extra for their project. The flooring designs are created from exclusive drawings and graphics, photo reproduction and 3D illustration. The repeat of the image can be endless and the colour range has almost no limits.

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