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Rode Bath - MAFALDA

The Rode Bath® collection originated from the desire to create a unique toilet cleaner which is both ultra-hygienic and able to reach previously inaccessible places. Like most people, we considered the toilet brush to be one of the most undesirable objects in the house. Even worse, the toilet brush occupies a space where everybody can see it. Knowing that silicone is a material where bacteria struggles to grow, and that, at the same time, is strong, soft and flexible, we started to experiment with lots of different shapes. It was important to us that we created something that was both efficient and good-looking, something that you will be happy to have on display in your bathroom. The result was the Rode Bath® toilet cleaner.

This useful and simple series of accessories for the bathroom, Toilet Brush Hygienic, Soap Dish, Soap Dispenser, Paper Holder, Storage Box, Towel Bar and Hook strives to be innovative and traditional at the same time.

The design is as little design as possible, honest and unobtrusive, easy to understand and its aesthetics is long-lasting. The simple elegance is determined by the combination of the materials, marble composit and stainless steel.

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