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Barrel is one of antoniolupi’s iconic products. First presented back in 2003 in “Sinai” stone, it immediately became one of the company’s bestsellers. It is a gentle, sensual line, with a clearly defined and pure design. A monolith hollowed out of stone, a regular and totally exclusive sculpture, the result of complex craftsmanship. In later years a black “mokoka” marble version was launched to be joined, in 2006, by a limited edition extremely elegant amber-colored onyx model. Our latest idea is to offer this washbasin in Cristalplant, a material that mainly consists of mineral extenders bound to a small percentage of resins. The Cristalplant Barrel thus becomes a more flexible object which can be easily placed in different ambients, suitable for accommodating various styles and customs thanks to the material used and the white color. With Cristalplant, Barrel changes its appearance and method of use, becoming much more accessible in terms of price and weight, whilst still maintaining its original design.

Technical notes : Drain and siphon inside the barrel. Diameter: 60 cm. Height from floor: 35 cm. Free-standing stone washbasin with floor drainage, complete with free discharge drain, siphon and flexible pipe

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