Bamboo N-durance Decking
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Bamboo N-durance Decking
MOSO Bamboo Products
Revêtement de sol extérieur
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Beautiful and elegant bamboo decking
 MOSO Bamboo N-durance Decking is a solid, Outdoor-Density board, made from compressed bamboo strips. Bamboo N-durance has a warm caramel colour, resulting from a steam-pressure treatment on the bamboo material. A special crushing and compression technique increases the hardness and stability and provides MOSO Bamboo N-durance with the highest durability class possible in the appropriate EU norms. MOSO Bamboo N-durance‘s end-match system enables an
unlimited number of boards to be connected creating a visually infinite length. The special symmetrical shape offers the possibility to choose between either the grooved or the flat surface and allows for quick installation with MOSO Fasteners. When exposed to outdoor conditions, the caramel colour of MOSO Bamboo N-durance will naturally fade.

Key characteristics of MOSO Bamboo N-durance:

Density: +/- 1200 kg/m3 | Resistance to Indentation - Average Brinell Hardness: ≥ 9.5 kg/mm2 (EN 1534) | Reaction to fire: Class Bfl-s1 (EN 13501-1) | Slip resistance: R 10 (CEN/TS 16165 Annex B - DIN 51130) | Modulus of Elasticity: 12610 N/mm2 (mean value - EN 408) | Bending strength: 95.5 N/mm2 (characteristic value - EN 408) | Biological durability: Class 1 according to EN 350 / CEN/TS 15083-2, simulated graveyard test / Class 1 according to EN 350 / EN 113-2 (CEN/TS 15083-1) | Superficial preservatives and finish: comply with European biocide product regulation (BPR) and are not listed on the restrictions list of REACH Annex XVII/
candidate list. | Effectiveness against surface fungi: Class 0, Strong fungi static (EN ISO 846), treatment only superficial. | Use Class: Class 4 (EN 335) | Environmental Product Declaration - EPD (EN 15804) ( | FSC®: Products available with FSC® certification on request. | Contribution LEED BD+C - v4: MR 1, MR 2, MR 3 (FSC®), EQ 2, SS 7 v2009: MR 6, IEQ 4.3, IEQ 4.4 | Contribution BREEAM: MAT 1, MAT 3 (FSC®), MAT 5 | Guarantee: 25 years




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