Balcony glazing
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Balcony glazing
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For resealing in the retrofitting and renovation of living spaces, as well as refurbishment: Solarlux’s tried and tested systems for balcony and facade design offer many benefits for residential properties. They enable an aesthetically pleasing facade design, energy efficiency optimisation, as well as wind, weather and sound insulation, and can be opened fully, depending on the variant. Mounted on existing balustrades, as a precision glass balustrade or as storey-high glazing – the balcony aesthetic is retained, thanks to the option of full-surface opening. The system's great user-friendliness is also evident during cleaning, because even the outer panes can be cleaned from the inside without any problems. The Solarlux portfolio includes slide-and-turn systems, sliding systems and glass balustrades, providing versatility for a wide variety of design requirements.

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