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‘B’ is a side table that plays with the idea of balance. Created as the juxtaposition of a monolithic and heavy base set against an extra fine top element, this is a piece that thrives through contrast. The table was designed by Block722 in Athens and was made locally by craftsperson Maan Halaoui, who bridges traditional techniques and modern construction methods. This marriage of tradition and modernity is evident in the product’s tactile nature, classic choice of material – solid oak – and dynamic shapes and treatment. The piece was dyed black, using a satin varnish – sitting in the realm between the absolute black that pure matte offers and the shimmering nature of a gloss style – so that it can ever so gently reflect the light. These reflections help to further define both the table’s own shapes and its relationship with its surroundings. Created for a private client, the side table features a cantilevered top can easily slide over a sofa or chaise longue, complementing the seating in an elegant and functional way.


'B', 2020; Side Table: Solid oak, black stain, satin finish; W40 D60 H45 cm

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