Amplitude / by rAndom International 2010 (S Wood, F Ortkrass, H Koch)

Commissioned by Design Miami for Palazzo Fendi, Rome / Italy

5 Corian panels, 40 custom light arrays, 1440 LEDs, camera, computer, custom motion tracking software

Dim: 75cm by 180cm each panel, mounted over appear 6m

Designed as further experimental research into the principles of the RADIUS installation, AMPLITUDE concentrates once more on the direct and physical relationship between the viewer and the installation; here, the spatial experience changes through movement by the audience, so at times, the viewer is drawn into the light itself.

Shown as a wall mounted iteration in the Spazio Fendi in Milan during the Design Vertigo show, Amplitude will be permanently installed in the Pallazzo Fendi in Rome later in 2010. ==============================================

All photography © by James Harris


rAndom - amplitude - full JPEG - 1 to 20.jpg:

Photos of the Amplitude Installation by rAndom International during the Design Vertigo Exhibition organised by Design Miami and Fendi (Milan, April 2010).

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