3d printed Tritium LED light

Margot Krasojevic
3d printed Tritium LED light
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3d printed Tritium LED light
Margot Krasojevic
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3d printed ceramic Photoluinescent LightResponsible Radioactivity/ Responsibly radioactive

The 3d printed ceramic light uses acrylic photoilluminescent strips, that slide into grooved sections. LED bulbs sit within a rubber wheel that can be repositioned inside the light, the light radiated from the bulbs is absorbed by the phosphorescent strips and slowly re-emitted, creating a glow surrounding the light, these acrylic strips slide into routed sections which guide light through the entire form. The section is detailed and complex in order to create subtle light transitions altering the entire form as a result. The external ridges have clips into which tritium glass sections sit, the light emitted from these has a lifespan of 10 years. The light can be a desk-lamp or suspended.

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