250 kitchen island
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250 kitchen island
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A 250-cm steel island, white Corian® countertop. Custom solution built with a snack bar. Cooking hob with 5 well-spaced burners. Large under-mounted bowl with 12 mm-radius inner corners. In the part below, electric oven 90 cm, dishwasher panel and two drawers to one side. On the other side four equipped drawers.

Dimensions: width: 250 cm depth: 125 cm adjustable height: 90/95 cm

FREE TO MAKE YOUR OWN RULES Nothing can be taken for granted when you are the one who invents the rules, in an ironic flirt between creativity and rationality that adds a touch of the unexpected to those little everyday gestures. Large spaces to fill as desired. A refined blend of contrasting stylistic elements enhances the elegance of the large steel island with the Corian® countertop. Cooking, washing food preparation and storage act in synergy, increasing the efficiency of every operation. The surprising capacity is expressed in the volumes of the oven and the sink, in the ample work surface, in the large cooking hob, with its row of well-spaced burners, and in the rationality organized storage capacity of the deep drawers.

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