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Dubai Design Week

Istanbul-based MAS Architecture Studio’s design Barjeel will be exhibited at Dubai Design District (d3) during this year’s Dubai Design Week known as the fifth edition of the largest creative festival in the Middle East. Staged in partnership with Dubai Design District (d3) and supported by Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (DCAA) and Audi Middle East, the fifth edition of Dubai Design Week will spotlight the design identity of the UAE through diverse representations of local and international creative efforts.


Barjeel is an architectural installation inspired by the iconic wind towers of the Gulf region, which have been used for centuries as passive cooling devices. Through geometric abstraction and the use of readily available recycled cardboard and aluminum, the installation re-interprets the traditional wind tower while creating a cool place of rest and contemplation for visitors.


The interior is conceived as a carved void that transforms from a circle at the base to a square on top as a reference to the simple geometric forms used widely in Islamic Architecture. The resulting space is a three-dimensional volume that allows collective seating at street level with maximum exposure to natural light and prevailing winds at the top. Cooling breezes are funneled down to the seating area below via the windcatcher, and natural light filters through the top and side recesses to create a passively cooled, shaded space with lighting qualities that change throughout the day.


At night, the structure is illuminated through an array of LED strips embedded in the layers of cardboard, producing the effect of a solid structure that seemingly emanates light from within. Produced in partnership with Metal Yapı Holding, Kasso Engineering, Tepta Lighting, Advanced Engineered Solutions (AES), ALEC Engineering and Contracting L.L.C, ‘Barjeel’ will be open to visitors from November 11-16th, 2019.


Material Used :

1. Kasso Engineering – Aluminum Sheets/Tubes/Roof Construction, Steel Base
2. Tepta Lighting – LED Lighting
3. Kaplamin Ambalaj – Corrugated Cardboard

Hoja De Especificaciones Del Producto

Corrugated CardboardKaplamin Ambalaj
Aluminum Sheets/Tubes/Roof Construction, Steel BaseKasso
LED LightingTEPTA Lighting
Hoja De Especificaciones Del Producto
Corrugated Cardboard
Aluminum Sheets/Tubes/Roof Construction, Steel Base
por Kasso
LED Lighting