275 7th Avenue

275 7th Avenue

Fogarty Finger
New York, United States
Año Del Proyecto

275 7th Avenue Lobby

Fogarty Finger como Arquitectos

275 7th Avenue is a 1928 Art Deco 600,000-square-foot block-front office building between 25th Street and 26th Street on Seventh Avenue in the midtown south district of New York City. Fogarty Finger Architecture was hired to re-position the Art Deco building and contemporize the lobby to attract high tech, media type firms looking for luxury space office space.

The new lobby was extensively reconfigured but a portion of the Art Deco ceiling and the original bronze elevator doors were maintained to connect to the buildings historic past. The main front entrance was rebuilt with modern bronze portals and double height glass. The large limestone floor and walls create a modernized, but coherent approach to a historic architecture style.

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