Berberè Santacroce

Berberè Santacroce

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Bruno Gallizzi

Berberè Santacroce

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This space, that rises in the beating heart of the Santa Croce block, has been completely renovated in order to enhance the original volumes, especially the walls.

The plaster has been removed to brighten up the rough bricks, so that the environment may look warmer. The use of pop and lively colours in contrast to the rough bricks, one of the main characteristics of Berberè rooms, is stressed out also by a long colourful stripe as boiserie.


The chandelier as well, made by an artisanal lab in Florence like the ones in the other rooms, has been chosen to recreate the atmosphere between past and present.

The open kitchen is another point that characterises the Berberè style, and its aim is the transparency in the preparation of pizza.


Finally, the wall-painting appears in all the rooms of this place. Also here, after Milan and Venice, we relied on the visual artist Percy Bartolini, who has portrayed two young girls playing with buckets of water to remind the near river Arno, while the graphic hung on the walls follows up and reworks the historical images of the ‘70s.


The staging, the internal communication, the graphic and the brand identity has been curated by Comunicattive.


Ceramic tiles in the kitchen floor,Ceramic tiles in the bathroom wallsCasagrande Padana Calaluna
Ceramic tiles in the kitchen floor,Ceramic tiles in the bathroom walls
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