ViConnect ProActive+
ViConnect ProActive+
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ProActive+ touchless flushing system for more hygiene and efficiency
ViConnect ProActive+ is setting new standards in hygiene and efficiency with its intelligent flushing features.

The flushing system is not only activated by a simple hand motion near the sensor, but also flushes automatically when the user forgets to or is unable to activate the flush. This increases the hygiene aspect two-fold: the user no longer has to touch the flush plate directly to activate the flush. If a toilet is rarely used, e.g. vacant home, holiday or the user forgets to flush, the timer ensures that the toilet is regularly flushed, therefore preventing a build-up of bacteria. EN 806-5 stipulates that a flush is mandatory at least once every seven days.

Moreover, the automatic flush volume recognition increases sustainability and efficiency. If the toilet is used standing up, the toilet flushes a small volume of water as soon as the user moves away. If the toilet is used sitting down, then the amount of time spent on the seat is decisive. It avoids the user mistakenly choosing a flush volume that is too high and in turn using more water than necessary.

This makes the ProActive+ perfect for use in hygienically sensitive areas, such as clinics and care homes, public and semi-public sanitary facilities, hotels and restaurants, office and administration buildings or schools and nurseries. And the touchless flushing system is also useful in private households, especially for people with physical impairments, the elderly and small children.

The ProActive+ flushing plates are available in various designs: stainless steel, glass and in the new colour matt black.

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