BUCHE Vulcano Fresco Arco
BUCHE Vulcano Fresco Arco
mafi natural wood floors
Parkett aus Parkett

A floor with a three-dimensional surface, but fine enough to walk on barefoot, made of real wood and also ideal for extreme conditions - that is the NEW product made by mafi in Upper Austria.

ARCO - Italian for bow. An apt description for a mafi natural wooden floor which earns its place in the mafi Fresco collection by its uniqueness and striking character.

The dark brown colour of the beech-dark delivers a stylish exclamation to any room, without being too dominant.

The real highlight of this innovative product is the three-dimensional surface. Especially when barefoot the feel is of a fine experience for our stressed-out feet in the hectic everyday life. In addition, the special surface makes the floor extremely robust, as the softer parts of the wood have been removed.

Arco is therefore suitable for heavy usage such as in the catering or hospitality industries. A characteristic of all mafi natural wooden floors is the surface finishing with natural oil; however the term surface in itself brings to mind something different. The oil penetrates deeply into the plank and provides optimal quality from the inside out. The wood can breathe, gives off a pleasant smell and can absorb water. Other surface treatments usually leave a thin layer on the surface and thus seal the underlying material.

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