Top 10 Trending Ceilings

Top 10 Trending Ceilings

14 Juni 2022 Nachrichten

Ceilings are arguably the most visible component of a space. From offices to commercial centers and airports, ceiling finishes can cover vast areas to conceal structural slabs or roofs, and enclose all the various mechanical, electrical, plumbing, lighting and security equipment necessary to building functions. Materials used to clad ceilings can be solid or semi open. They can lend to a space’s acoustical performance with perforated or sound absorbing materials such as mineral wool, wood or felt. These are ten of Archello’s most popular products specified by architects and designers in the past year.   


Top 10 Trending Ceiligns 01.jpg
University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld by Auer Weber - © Aldo Amoretti

1. Heradesign® Wood Wool Ceilings by Knauf AMF

Knauf’s Heradesign product is an acoustic ceiling panel made of wood wool, water and magnesite for bonding.  100% recyclable and with a high mechanical strength, the panels are produced in a range of shapes with custom sizes available, as well as a range of colors from color systems RAL, NCS or StoColor. The Heradesign panel series is advertised to last more than 80 years. 



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Bella Sky Comwell Hotel by Rockfon - Courtesy of Rockfon 

2. Rockfon® Sonar® by Rockfon

The Rockfon Sonar product series is a comprehensive range of aesthetically pleasing durable tiles with a micro-textured surface, strong edges and excellent acoustics, available in a wide variety of sizes and edge details.
The product is suited for spaces such as offices, retail environments, classrooms, cleanrooms, communal corridors, lobby areas and stairwells where it can be used to meet sound absorption requirements. Rockfon Sonar offers the highest fire safety requirements, and meets Class A sound absorption for acoustic comfort.



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Internation Criminal Court by Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects - © Adam Mørk

3. Multi Panel - Linear Open Metal Ceilings Interior by Hunter Douglas Architectural

Hunter Douglas’ Linear Ceilings provide interesting possibilities for directional room design. These ceiling systems highlight versatility, allowing a variety of visual effects, including radial and diagonal patterns, finishes and curves. Its Luxalon Linear Ceiling is produced in 23 colors and various material finishes. It consists of box-shaped panels produced in 5 widths and 2 heights that can be clipped to a universal carrier, allowing for a variety of design configurations within a single ceiling. The system accommodates lighting, air and sprinkler features, and provides precise directional control. 



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Mercantil Banco by Mallol Arquitectos - © Fernando Alda

4. HeartFelt® - Textile Linear Ceilings Interior by Hunter Douglas Architectural

Hunter Douglas’ HeartFelt® range is a modular felt ceiling system with strong acoustic performance and a unique appearance. HeartFelt is an innovative, patented product available in seven grey shades and five earth tones. The panels can be easily clipped to the carriers, at varying distances. They are 100% recyclable, easily reusable and dirt and dust resistant for easy maintenance.



Top 10 Trending Ceiligns 05.jpg
Elementary and primary freinet school by Areal Architecten
- © Tim Van De Velde photography

5. AMF Thermatex® Mineral Ceilings by Knauf AMF

Mineral wool is a general name for fiber materials that are formed by spinning or drawing molten minerals. It is one component of Knauf’s AMF Thermatex ceiling tiles. These are produced using a wet-felt process, and are made of bio-soluble mineral wool, perlite, clay and starch - natural, sustainable and renewable raw materials. 



Top 10 Trending Ceiligns 06.jpg
Länsförsäkringar Västerbotten by LINK arkitektur - © Hundven-Clements Photography

6.Veneered Wood Panels by Gustafs Scandinavia AB

Gustafs Veneered Wood Panels for walls and ceilings are based on a fiber gypsum board which offers strong fire safety and acoustic properties. The acoustic wood panel is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, meaning it maintains its linearity over time. This unique combination contributes to a cladding panel suited for applications not only in large areas but also in a wide variety of demanding situations.



Top 10 Trending Ceiligns 07.jpg
Mr.Green’s Office by MIA design studio - © Oki Hiroyuki

7. Barrisol Light by Barrisol - Normalu Sas

The Barrisol Light system allows the uniform diffusion of light sources placed behind the ceiling, to provide a backlit, ‘glowing’ finish. The system can offer extreme or soft light intensity. Produced in 13 sheets of various colors and degrees of translucidity, the light can be diffuse, lively, colored or natural. The sheets are stretched over Barrisol profiles, and so can adapt to flat ceilings or various 3D forms on which it is possible to project images, photographs or plays of light. The sheets can also be acoustic, perforated and printed.



Top 10 Trending Ceiligns 08.jpg
Vanderbilt University School of Nursing by Hastings Architecture -
© Steve Hall + Nick Merrick Photographers

8. Panel Grille by Rulon International

Panel Grilles is a vertical blade solid wood panel system consisting of fixed length boards with dowels and woodbackers to form a fixed panel size. Panel sizes of 1 foot width are available up to 10 feet in length.
The blades can be customizable in width, depth, and blade
spacing. In addition to seven wood selections from Cherry to Maple and Poplar, Panel Grilles can receive custom stains, clear sealers, or color treatments. Finishes are water-based, UV-cured, and low VOC. A factory attached black fabric backing material is also available. 



Top 10 Trending Ceiligns 09.jpg
Nordic Museum by Mithun - © Bruce Damonte

9. 1100 Cross Piece Grille by 9Wood

The 9Wood Cross Piece Grille wood ceiling is an elegant and practical system that is seismically compliant and simple to install and remove. The standard panel dimensions are 12″ or 24″ in width by 4′, 6′, 8′, or 10′ in length. The Cross Piece Grille uses a pre-assembled panel fabrication process. Full panel access is available by means of removing attachment screws hidden in reveals. 



Top 10 Trending Ceiligns 10.jpg
Becton, Dickinson, and Co. Offices by USG Corporation - © Kevin C Korczyk

10. Plus Barz® - Linear Metal Ceiling System by USG Corporation

With the Plus Bars system one can pre assemble any size and spacing of slats, struts, strips, boards, beams, and other linear components into ultra-lightweight panels that allow for easy installation and accessibility. Barz also provides acoustical control and integration with lighting and HVAC fixtures. The system is produced in 23 PVC free laminate, 6 real wood veneer, 3 anodized metal and 3 painted metal finishes. Custom finishes are also available.




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