Flexform Outdoor Collection brings the look, feel, and luxury of interior furnishings outside

Flexform Outdoor Collection brings the look, feel, and luxury of interior furnishings outside

21 März 2022 Gesponserte Artikel

Outdoor space is increasingly considered an extension of indoor space and thus deserving of the same careful design considerations of comfort and quality. The Flexform Outdoor Collection comes from increasing market demand for bespoke outdoor furnishing for yachts, seaside resorts, luxury terrace spaces, and beyond. This debut collection features colours, patterns, and textures comparable to Flexform’s indoor textile collection, leaving the look and feel of indoor versus outdoor furnishing nearly indistinguishable.

Zante sectional sofa - © Flexform

Be it a living room, terrace, patio, balcony, or porch, Flexform views furnishings as an ecosystem where sofas, armchairs, daybeds, occasional tables, ottomans, and accessories create a meaningful dialogue between themselves while offering an inviting setting with unparalleled comfort. This principle, along with an ability to withstand all weather conditions, is core to the philosophy of the Outdoor Collection.

In undertaking the challenge of design for the outdoors, Flexform’s R&D Department aimed to select the best available materials in terms of durability. Sofa frames are made of AISI 3016 stainless steel, which is more expensive than other types of steel but is a type of super alloy that is highly resistant to any corrosion.

Flexform_Lee outdoor.jpg
Lee sofa - © Flexform

Wooden elements are made from Iroko, a type of wood that is commonly specified for yacht design as it is naturally resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. Woven parts of sofas and armchairs are fabricated from polypropylene fiber. Commonly used to manufacture marine cords, polypropylene fiber is highly resistant to water, including saltwater and chlorine. As a further benefit, the fiber is also 100% recyclable.

Water-repellent technology applied to the cushions of Flexform sofas allows fabrics to repel the penetration of water while allowing air to circulate freely so that padding can dry quickly thus preventing the growth of mold and the general degradation of the product. Special waterproof covers maintain the condition of sofas and prolong their original beauty.

Zefiro table and Dafne chairs - © Flexform

Types of stone used for dining and coffee tabletops include Beola Argentata, Pietra del Cardoso, Lava stone, and Porphyry. Quarried in Italy, these beautiful stones were selected for their ability to withstand extreme weather elements and wear and tear. 

The Outdoor Collection was largely developed in collaboration with architect Antonio Citterio, who has enjoyed a long partnership with Flexform. 

Peter Outdoor.jpg
Peter chair - © Flexform

The Peter armchair and ottoman, designed by Citterio in 2004, displays a type of lighthearted charm given by the woven saddleback and seat that lent itself to an outdoor version where woven components are made with polypropylene fiber in place of saddle hide, while the structure is fabricated from AISI 3016 stainless steel.

Tessa chair - © Flexform

Another example is Tessa, where Iroko replaces Canaletto walnut and polypropylene cord is substituted for a paper rush cord. Expert craftsmen create the traditional joinery.

Grandemare sofa - © Flexform

Designed by Citterio in 2011, the updated Grandemare Outdoor seating system delivers all the practicality and comfort of an indoor upholstered soft in an entirely outdoor version. Resting on a compact laminated platform, a state-of-the-art material ideally suited to outdoor settings, the seating system features a kind of modularity that encourages a variety of arrangements and can be accessorized with its namesake coffee table made of solid iroko slats and sleek metal alloy spacers. The system comes complete with waterproof covers.

Atlante seating system - © Flexform

Additional seating systems by Citterio that see an updated version for outdoor use include the Atlante family of sofas and daybeds, the classic Hamptons sofa and daybed, as well as the Lee outdoor armchair and settee, which is made entirely of solid iroko using traditional joinery methods.

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