Deposito Creativo opens its doors in October of 2014 from a common idea of ​​Mara Gondoni and Nicoletta Gentili, two interior designers who, with love and passion for their work, have materialized in a common project. Both have developed their own training at accredited institutions; Mara at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and Istituto Europeo OF Perugia Operative Arts. Nicoletta at the European Institute of Design in Milan (IED). Then they have perfected their studies by attending Master in Milan and London and then conduct its business initially in studies and show room and then continue in a profession path. The "Deposit" is a creative studio based in Forlì that operates on the interior design and styling projects. It combines professionalism in interior design to research, design and sales of furniture, pieces of recovery revisited and handcrafted products, reproducible measure. In particular, plans, designs and manufactures its own collection of accessories and furnishings. The intent is to create public and private spaces with a strong emotional impact, with great personality and not related to the fashions of the moment, but which reflect concrete needs of the client. Creative storage is mainly engaged in restructuring, internal deployments of new buildings and restyled, starting from design, up to assistance and site management and workers involved in order to give a service "turnkey." The years of previous experience led Mara and Nicoletta to a careful selection of the artisans in order to give its customers an always well executed and finished in detail work.
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Piazza XX Settembre, 1 , Forli FC, Italy