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Benthem Crouwel Architects

For more than three decades we have been creating innovative, flexible and efficient designs that must meet high standards and complex user requirements. Our field of work extends from (public) buildings to infrastructural projects and urban master plans. Whether we are renovating or modernizing a building or designing a completely new structure, we always seek clear, unique and efficient solutions. Some of our designs are restrained, such as the extension to the Anne Frank House, while others are iconic, such as the Bergbau Museum and the Ziggo Dome. In various projects we have shown that combining old and new elements can result in very sustainable buildings that blend harmoniously with their surroundings and accommodate new forms of use. Old and new buildings form part of an urban morphology that we respect and want to contribute to. In our iconic designs our aim is never to be conspicuous just for the sake of it. We deploy architecture to create new urban character and thus to contribute to the city of the future. Unexpected qualities surface frequently in the design and planning process, and they provide impulses for the urban environment or for the occupants of a building. Our office is renowned for skilfully controlling the entire design and planning process in terms of both time and costs. We are well organized and have plenty of experience in supervising complex processes at all scales. “We respect the hierarchy between urbanism and architecture. Our buildings must add something to the city. They must contribute to the city and function well as part of it.” “In designing buildings, we want to fully comprehend and respect the interests of clients and also of neighbours, occupants and the city.”
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